We have made some changes to the Hazard register with direction from Floor NZ, and to align more with the latest requirements from Worksafe. The amount of questions have been reduced from 17 down to 10, *Please note this doesn’t include any custom questions your retailers might add. 

The questions included have become more comprehensive and should allow you to complete the risk analysis quickly.

As per version 1 of the Hazard Register, you have three coloured boxes the first is the blue box which holds the hazard.

The second is the grey box which has some basic instruction, you can click the “If unsure click here to view examples” that will list examples that relate to the specific question.

The third box is the relevant controls for the hazard which is in the green box, again for specific advise on the hazard you can click “If unsure click here to view examples of the types of controls that could be used” and it will list some controls that are relevant.

To complete the questions, the first step is to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in regards to if the hazard applies to your job or not.

If you select No, it will go down to the next hazard/question.

If you select Yes it will first ask the ‘Risk Rating’ which relates to the likelihood of harm. This is a requirement, which aligns with how Work Safe accesses risk.

You can select from Low, Moderate or High for more information about the risk rating please check the Work Safe guide here:

Once you have selected the risk rating you choose if you are minimising or eliminating the hazard by following the control (green box). If you are not following the controls you can make a note of what you are doing.

After the notes box you select if the Controls have been put into place, this will then close the question and move on to the next one.

At the bottom of the hazard register you also have the option to upload any photos that may be relevant to either the hazards or to the general job.

For a full over view video of the Hazard register please check here.

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