One of the many benefits of Clockit for both Installer and Retailer is the time saved by not spending hours on the phone every week booking in work.

By keeping your availability up-to-date on Clockit the stores will no longer need to call you to see if you're available. 

Any private work, work for other stores not on Clockit and holidays you have planned should be blocked out on Clockit. 

As an installer you have two options to make yourself unavailable, by booking a private job or by blocking a day/unavailability  

Once your calendar is all up-to-date go into settings/preferences and tick the 'Active Profile' box which will signal to your retailers that they no longer need to call you to check availability.

How to Change your account to 'Active Profile'

Start by tapping the hamburger at the top right of the screen (mobile).

Tap on Settings and then preferences

 Tick/check the 'Active Profile' box

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