Invoice Now gives the ability for Installers to Invoice as soon as they have finished the job with just a few clicks.

Not only does this allow for quicker more frequent invoicing for the installer, but it also means the retail store knows that they will receive any 'extra' charges on the day of the job, and that the job has been completed and the customer can be charged.

How does it work?

The job sheet now includes a field to input a (GST exclusive) price for the job.

The price will be visible to the installer on the job sheet. If any extras are needed due to missed items when quoting, the installer will need to contact the store and get them to amend the price before invoicing. 

Once the job is complete the installer can tap on the ‘invoice’ button on the job sheet or the job popup which will take them through to an invoice template. 

The invoice template will have the job reference number, the customer name and the install start date. It will also include the installers business details and if the installer is GST registered and has entered their GST number during setup (instructions here) it will calculate the GST as well.

A due date and additional notes can also be added.

Once the invoice has been saved, the retailer will see a red dollar sign icon on the relevant job. 

The invoice can be viewed by going into the job sheet and clicking on ‘view invoice’ or by clicking on the dollar sign in the main navigation which will take you through to the ‘invoices’ dash board. 

Once the invoice has been paid, this can be marked by clicking on ‘date paid’ on the job popup or ‘add’ on the date paid column on the invoices dashboard. The red dollar sign icon on the job will then turn to green to represent that payment has been paid.

Both Retail and Installer accounts have a small amount of setup required to make this work, details on this are below;

Retailer Invoice Now setup

Installer Invoice Now setup

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