As a retailer you have the option of adding virtual installers to your Clockit account.

A Virtual Installer account is for any Installer that you would like on your calendar that doesn't require access to the account. This is great for having a visual representation of all your jobs on the one calendar giving you a complete database of every job.

To create a Virtual Installer account, go to settings / installers

In the search bar, type the name of the installer you would like add – this will check the system to make sure they don’t already have an account.

If the installer is not found, you will be presented with the option of creating a Virtual account (or you can click on ‘invite’ to send an automated email inviting the installer to join Clockit).

Once you have clicked ‘Create a virtual installer’ simply add the installer name and profession (Carpet, Vinyl or both). Once you hit ‘Save’ the installer will be added to your list of installers and you can start loading jobs against them.

To give the installer a custom colour, board view priority or remove them from your Calendar (Archive Installer) click on edit next to the installers name.


Any changes, please don’t forget to click Save.


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