A Private/Basic Installer account can be used for installers that work for only you and is ideal for wage workers.

This will allow your installers to get all the benefits of Clockit's installation management as well as giving them the ability to complete their on the job health and safety, all this without access to the rest of the Clockit network. 

This means that installers on a Private/Basic account will not be searchable by other retailers, can not ‘work request’ other retailers and will not have access to Short Notice job listings.

*Please note there may be a charge associated with each Private/Basic installer account you add, if you're unsure please contact support here.

To create a Private/Basic installer account click on settings / installers

In the search bar, type the name of the installer you would like add – this will check the system to make sure they don’t already have an account.

If the installer is not found, you will be presented with the option of creating a Private/Basic account (or you can click on ‘invite’ to send an automated email inviting the installer to join Clockit).

Click 'create a private installer' and complete the details. An email will be sent to the installer with how to log on and get setup.

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