Before we get started, this will only work if you have 'Admin' permissions on your account.


To change a staff members password go to settings and then staff:

On the right hand side of the staff members name click on the black 'edit' box.

This will bring you to the staff members 'edit user' page where you will find the 'change password' button, click on that and enter the new password twice. 

Please make sure you click on blue 'save changes' button when finished.


If you have basic/private installers attached to your account, you are able to change the passwords for them.

To do this click on settings and then installers.

Any installers listed under 'my private and virtual installers' are able to have details changed by you including password.
*Please note virtual installers don't have passwords as the accounts are for those that don't access the system

Click on 'edit' next to the installers name

This will bring you to the installers edit page, click on the black 'change password' button and enter the password twice. 

Make sure you click on the blue 'save changes' button before exiting the page.

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