If you would like to pencil in a job, we have made the process super simple.

You go through the job booking process as you usually would. 

When choosing the installer and required slots a 'create pending job' button will appear underneath the standard 'place hold and add job details' button.

*please note the option to create a pending job only appears for wage workers and installers that are locked to your store only (basic/private installer account).

Complete the job sheet and click on 'save as pending job'.

This will show as pending in both the retail and the installers calendar visually by the broken lines.

Retail view:

All the installer can see is a pending job has been booked, no details are available until that job has been confirmed by the retailer.

Installer view:

To change the job from pending to confirmed, the retailer can click on the 'confirm job' button on the popup, on the job sheet or when editing the job sheet.

To make it super easy to manage all the pending jobs, we have created a new view in the calendar that shows a dashboard of all pending jobs (past and future). 

If you would like one of the support team to take you through this new function or have any questions or training needs, please contact support by clicking the ? icon in the top menu.

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