To add a new staff member to your Clockit account, you will need to go to settings  (click the clog on the top right hand corner), then click staff

please note if you don't see this option, you haven't been given access by the accounts admin

Underneath all the current staff members you will see the blue  'Add new staff member' button which you will need to click on.

Go through and add the new staff members details, including name, email address (this is the email address they will use to log into the account), phone numbers and then a password. Check the 'Measurer' box if the staff member will be measuring and you can also assign a custom colour to the staff member for the measure calendar.

The password will need to be a minimum of six characters and can be changed by the new staff member when they login to their account. 

Next you will need to set the new staff member's permissions - which is what they will be able to do, and have access too on Clockit.

As an example if you would like the new staff member to be able to add, manage (reschedule etc) or remove jobs click the appropriate boxes.

Once you have finished please click 'Save'.

If you need to change the users details at any time, including their password (and also deleting their account) you can click on edit next to the staff members name.

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